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Continuous monitoring programme - C.M.P

Continuous monitoring programme - C.M.P.

Complete reports on your Rafer equipment

You have a RAFER chain on your site that has been designed to meet the needs of your application.

With its desire to become more than a simple chain supplier, RAFER can offer you support throughout the useful life of the equipment, by setting up a Continuous Monitoring Programme.
Complete reports on your Rafer equipment
Occasional visits by one of our Rafer experts to inspect the chain in place.
The frequency will be defined according to your application
Submission of a detailed report including :
dimensional readings
appearance examinations
lubrication effectiveness
Advantages of the C.M.P. :

The ability quickly to identify problems with the product

The option of preventive action in the event of detecting a problem

The guarantee of optimal use of the capabilities of the chain

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study the feasibility of your project, whether for a new facility or in the context of burning in or modifying an existing facility.